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The best sensitivity hacker settings in PUBG MOBILE

Ronnie | July 04, 2021 | , , , , ,

You must be a fan of PUBG MOBILE and dream to play like the professionals especially that you may have seen some Youtuber playing and want to reach their level here we are talking about   many people who play well and  They harvest a lot of KILLS as many as 30 KILLS and this is what makes you wonder what is the reason that makes them play that way and when opening the telescope or SCOOP and they shoot do not swing the binoculars.

The main reason behind this is some settings in the mobile phone if you choose well, you will not suffer and your em will become like a pro. Pubg mobile , Below we will leave you with pictures of these best settings, and soon we will make a video about the application explanation.

 We are talking here about the sensitivity hacker settings, you enter the settings, then you choose the sensitivity, then you find a camera and put its settings as they are in the first image and go down and find other settings for shooting.

But sometimes depending on your phone you have to change the settings according to the speed of your control and your phone.  Enter for training and try the settings and change a little until you find what suits you.

Not play pubg mobile without sensitivity because you don't controler the gun M416 or AKM or M7 or any gun.

You can make it true if you follow the below-mentioned hacker settings in your smartphone.So, today we will discuss about the best Pubg sensitivity with gyroscope on that you can play with to master every guns.

sensitivity settings with gyroscope

sensitivity hacker settings in PUBG MOBILE

sensitivity settings in PUBG MOBILE

sensitivity settings in PUBG MOBILE

If you need anythings of pubg mobile you can now searching in youtube or google search , the sensitivity of guns in the game pubg mobile or hack pubg mobile vip and free , the setting and the controle like hackers to kill a more than 10 kills in pubg mobile.

The best controller is 2 or 3 fingers with gyroscope and speed moving to kills squads in pubg . Now searching this info in youtube and you will can a pro gamer in pubg